New Technology Wireless Chargers

New Technology Wireless Chargers

Nokia recently release the Lumia 920 windows based smartphone with the Feature of wirelesscharger. Now let us discuss how this wireless technology works and which technology Nokia use in these phones.
How does Nokia Lumia wireless charger works? | QI wireless charger working | New technologywireless chargers
Nokia recently release the Lumia 920 windows based smartphone with the Feature of wirelesscharger. Now let us discuss how this wireless technology works and which technology Nokia use in these phones.
How does the charger work?
nokia lumia wireless charger technology
In the place plugging pin in the socket of the phone, you simply need to place the Nokia Lumia920 on the mouse sized pad. Then that mouse sized pad plugged into the socket of 220 volts. The process used in this phone is called inductive method and it should compatible with the other wireless products so it is called QI wireless power standard.
Now let us discuss how QI wireless charger works in Lumia 920?
QI charger is working on the principle of the “mutual induction”. In mutual induction there are two coils one is primary and another is secondary coil.
In the wireless products (we take the example of Lumia 920) one coil is placed inside the mouse sized pad called primary coil and another is fitted inside back cover of Lumia 920 called secondary coil. It works same as a transformer works.
Disk like coil used in the Nokia LumiaCoil used inside the wireless devices
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The primary coil is connected to the 220v or 110v current and secondary coil receives that AC current from primary coil.
nokia lumia wireless charger workingNokia Lumia back side where coil is fitted
The rectifier is used to convert that AC current to DC current. Because battery needs DC current for charging. The most of mobile battery charging voltage is 5.35volts.
The secondary coil size is smaller than the primary coil. Smaller the size low voltage is produced. The size selected in this way so that the secondary coils produce required current for charge the battery.


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