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YouTube Downloader for Android

Youtube Downloader For Android
While I was searching the github found The source of Youtube app for ,  So I build this app,  From the source,  I am not able to upload it  to playstore as the policies of youtube. 
So I am uploading it over here.  Do not copy,  Mirror,  Duplicate or Edit,  If want to do then take my permission. 
Download here

The app is still in the development stage,  Just subscribe the blog and get updated as it get update

Watch "Tech Guru Hybrid PC Special" on YouTube

Watch "Tech Guru CES Spl & Women Security Apps" on YouTube

Watch "Exclusive Blackberry Z10 preview & Samsung Galaxy Grand Review" on YouTube

Watch "Lava Iris 501 ,NOKIA Lumia 820 & HTC Butterfly- Reviewed" on YouTube

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Two Best search engine Google/Yahoo

hie guys this is hemant,
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Google Could Pay Apple $1 Billion Next Year To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS

Google Could Pay Apple $1 Billion Next Year To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS, Report Says
Apple and Google are enemies and partners at the same time due to asymmetric competition. According to a report from Morgan Stanley, Google could pay more than $1 billion in 2014 to remain the default search engine on iOS. In 2009, Google paid only $82 million for the privilege. Analyst Scott Devitt believes that it is a per-device deal growing every year. For every dollar of revenue Google makes on iOS thanks to advertising and data collection, Apple gets 75 cents from Google. The number is only going to increase in the coming years if iOS sales keep growing. To put it into perspective, the Mozilla Foundation should get $400 million in 2014. Google remains the main contributor to the organization as one can read in Mozilla’s reports. Opera is another longstanding partner, but Morgan Stanley doesn’t give figures for this deal. Over the years, Apple has gotten more revenue from Google as Mi…

Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now On Sale For $59.99 From Google Play, Ships In Less Than One Week

Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now On Sale For $59.99 From Google Play, Ships In Less Than One Week
Google’s Nexus 4 wireless charger has been a creature only of legend up until today, even though the phone itself shipped months ago, late in 2012. Now, though, American buyers can get their orb orders in for $59.99 for the Qi-based inductive charger for Google’s latest Android reference smartphone. Estimated shipping for the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger, as it is so blandly named, is listed as being at under one week as of this writing. The charger takes around four hours to charge the Nexus 4 from empty to full and ships with a micro USB cable, and a plug designed for use in North America (we suspect other regions will see different plugs). It weighs 130 grams and props up the Nexus 4 at an angle to provide easy viewing. The Nexus 4 has a dock mode when used with the Wireless Charging Orb, which displays photos, Currents articles and other info, including the battery charge level. …

Apple Takes 3 Of Top 5 Spots In U.S. Mobile Phone Sales For Q4 2012, Says NPD

Apple Takes 3 Of Top 5 Spots In U.S. Mobile Phone Sales For Q4 2012, Says NPD
Apple has managed to nab three of the top 5 spots for the top-selling mobile phones in the U.S. during Q4 2012 according to the NPD Group, with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 ranking first, third and fourth, respectively. Apple also retained the crown for best-selling overall smartphone maker, accounting for 39 percent of smartphone sales in Q4 2012, compared to Samsung’s 30 percent. iPhone 4 sales rose 79 percent compared to Q3 2012, and iPhone 4S sales grew 43 percent sequentially, while the iPhone 5 accounted for 43 percent of all iPhone sales in Q4 2012, which is roughly in line with the numbers we’re seeing out of carrier data as well. It also made up nearly two-thirds of all smartphone sales on post-paid plans with a value over $200, NPD says. Samsung made considerable gains on the year, going up to 30 percent of all U.S. smartphone sales in Q4 2012 from 21 percent in the year ago quarter, but t…

Cloud-Music Player AudioBox Lands On iPhone

Cloud-Music Player AudioBox Lands On iPhone
Following a significant reboot late last year, cloud-music playerAudioBox has released a new app for iPhone that lets users stream their cloud-stored music collections on Apple’s device. It supports most of the features found in the startup’s desktop HTML5-based offering, including the ability to access music stored on a home PC or via an array of 3rd party cloud storage services, such as DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and, in addition to support for SoundCloud and YouTube streaming — an approach we’ve previously described as ‘bringing everything but the kitchen sink’ to the cloud-music market. As well as being broadly agnostic to where a user’s music files are stored, thanks to that multiple cloud storage service support, the AudioBox iPhone app enables the creation of what it dubs ‘smart’ playlists, which can be made up of tracks stored across different cloud services or on a user’s private cloud via the AudioBox Desktop app run…

StatCounter: Nokia Cedes Global Mobile Internet Usage Top Spot To Apple — But Samsung’s Star Is Rising

StatCounter: Nokia Cedes Global Mobile Internet Usage Top Spot To Apple — But Samsung’s Star Is Rising
Nokia’s slide down the mobile rankings continues: StatCounter figures for January 2013 show Apple dislodged the Finnish mobile maker for the first time as the most popular mobile vendor in terms of global internet usage. The figures come from StatCounter GlobalStats and are based on analysis of more than 15 billion page views per month to the StatCounter network of more than three million websites. StatCounter analyses page view useragent strings to determine which browser and OS is being used to view the web page and also to establish if the page view came from a mobile device. It’s this latter mobile-specific data that it’s using to rank mobile makers by global mobile internet usage. According to the research, Apple took the top spot in the ranking — which covers mobile devices such as smartphones and the iPod touch but does not cover tablets — with Cupertino taking just over a qu…

Biased Review

Biased Review
It’s a sad, sad day when companies start reviewing their own products. Today is a sad, sad day. Nokia has just posted their review of the Lumia 620 budget Windows phone to the Nokia Conversations blog. And guess what! Author Adam Fraser had only good things to say about the little mid-range Lumia. He just so happens to be a “Writer and Reporter at Nokia Conversations Blog”, who “has owned more Nokia handsets than he can count” and receives his paycheck from Nokia, but just ignore that bit. I’m sure he’s totally objective about the whole thing. Here are some of my favorite, unbiased bits: From the front, you’ll see a double layer of colours, but from any other angle, all you can see is a vibrant, luscious lime colour. Comparing the weight with my Nokia Lumia 800, the Lumia 620 feels lighter, but not in a cheap way. It feels solid and heavy enough to fit snugly into the palm of my hand while the smooth back and rounded edges give the whole phone a comfortable feel. Read: …

Would Love 2 Emerges To Give Facebook ‘Dating’ App Bang With Friends Some European Competition

Would Love 2 Emerges To Give Facebook ‘Dating’ App Bang With Friends Some European Competition
Well that was quick. Bang With Friends, the controversial Facebook app that lets you privately nominate who in your friends network you want to hook up with and alerts you if they feel the same, has got itself some competition.Would Love 2 has emerged with a similar proposition: After downloading the iOS app, you select who you’d like to date from your Facebook contacts and add your selection to the app’s ‘locker’. This information is then kept private until such time when the recipient of your undeclared admiration puts you in their ‘locker’, at which point the app declares a match and sends you both an iOS notification. What you do with that information is up to you, of course, although undoubtedly there are a number of ephemeral messaging apps that can help with that, too. But joking aside, despite having similar functionality it would seem that Bang With Friends and Would Love 2 come fr…

Logitech To Launch Its Pint-Sized UltraThin iPad Mini Keyboard This Month

Logitech To Launch Its Pint-Sized UltraThin iPad Mini Keyboard This Month
Logitech’s UltraThin iPad keyboard has been a favored traveling companion of mine since it came out on top of Matt’s keyboard case review battle, but the iPad mini has since supplanted my full-size iPad 3 whenever I hit the road. Fortunately, Logitech has just recently announced a pint-sized version of the UltraThin keyboard meant specifically for Apple’s tiny tab that will debut later this month. The main conceit here is the same as it was before — when not in use, the keyboard attaches to the iPad mini’s flank thanks to a slew of magnets in its hinge. When the time comes to get some work done, the iPad slots into a channel about a third of the way down from the edge of the keyboard and wirelessly connects to it via Bluetooth. It was a smart design the first time around, and I’m more than a little glad to see Logitech finally size it all down now that Apple’s tinkering with a new form factor. Of course, there …

Apple Now Hiring For A New Online Store In Russia, Ramping Up Emerging Market Strategy

Apple Now Hiring For A New Online Store In Russia, Ramping Up Emerging Market Strategy

Apple appears to be inching closer to opening an online store in Russia to manage direct sales to customers, adding one more store to its growing portfolio of localized operations: the company has posted a job ad for a Russian Chat Team Manager, specifically for an Apple Online Store in Russia. Currently, Apple only sells products like the iPhone, iPad and its line of Mac computers in Russia via third-party resellers, which can be mobile carriers or other retailers. When you click on the ‘buy’ button on the current Apple site in Russian, you get this: Based in Cork, Ireland, the chat team manager would oversee between 12 and 15 “advisors” who would help with online customer care. Specifically: “The Apple Chat Manager will lead a team of 12/15 dynamic advisors. This will include coaching advisors to meet or exceed business goals ensuring that all Apple customers are receiving an excellent service. Yo…

Read What Facebook’s Sandberg Calls Maybe ‘The Most important Document Ever To Come Out Of The Valley’

Read What Facebook’s Sandberg Calls Maybe ‘The Most important Document Ever To Come Out Of The Valley’
Facebook’s No. 2 top dog, COO Sheryl Sandberg, recently said that Netflix’s company culture document “may well be the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.” The document, a bullet-point-happy PowerPoint, has become a cultural manifesto for the Internet’s economic epicenter, amassing over 3.2 million views on More than simply a management guide, it’s a window into a philosophy that thrives on uncertainty, creativity, and trust — a blinding contrast to the hierarchical culture that dominated much of the 20th century workplace. To the extent that innovation and the Internet play a role in the modern workplace, it is a crystal ball into the future of daily life. We’ve summarized the most telling principles below: Creativity is Most Important In procedural work, the best are 2x better than the average. In creative/inventive work, the best are 10x. The tec…

Nokia CEO Hints At Tablet-Shaped, Windows-Based Hardware In Its Future

Nokia CEO Hints At Tablet-Shaped, Windows-Based Hardware In Its Future
Nokia was an early mover in the tablet space – in 2007, years before the iPad burst onto the scene, it was unboxing its N800 Internet Tablet (which looks more like a phablet by today’s enormo-phone standards). But these days the Finnish high-end and low-end mobile maker does not play with slates — at least, not yet. That could soon change though, judging by comments made by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop who has given the company’s clearest hint yet that it wants to get back into the tablet space. Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, Elop stopped short of announcing a Nokia-branded tablet is coming but confirmed the company is taking a close look at the space. “We haven’t announced tablets at this point, but it is something we are clearly looking at very closely,” he told the newspaper. “We are studying very closely the market right now as Microsoft has introduced the Surface tablet, so we are trying to learn from…

Two Makers Come Together To Make A Robotic Hand For A Boy In South Africa

Two Makers Come Together To Make A Robotic Hand For A Boy In South Africa

Two makers on opposite ends of the globe, Ivan Owen in Bellingham, Washington and Richard Van As in South Africa, teamed up to build a custom robotic hand and publish it on Thingiverse. The best part? They built it for Liam, a five-year-old South African boy who was born without fingers on his right hand, by collaborating online between continents. The pair met when Van As discovered Owen’s hand-made prosthetic prop hand he built for a convention. Van As lost four fingers in an accident and asked Owen for advice and help to build his own prosthesis. The pair began working remotely, with Van As sending casts of his hand to Owen who built models at home. Soon, Van As began working on a Robohand for Liam and the pair met to collaborate on a full prosthetic hand for the boy. Folks at Makerbot heard about the project and donated two Replicator 2 3D printers to the pair who were then able to create parts by sending C…

Microsoft, The Web Is No Longer Good Enough; Windows RT Needs Apps And Fast

Microsoft, The Web Is No Longer Good Enough; Windows RT Needs Apps And Fast
I loathe using some websites. Twitter and Facebook are horrific on the web when compared to their iOS/Android apps. I simply refuse to use Zillow’s website; I’ll wait until my kids are done with the iPad to look for our new place. The same is true for Tumblr and other sites. The mobile first strategy is in full force and Microsoft needs to hop on board. With Windows 8, Microsoft is forcefully pushing the PC into the post-PC era. It’s a touch first interface with the Desktop mode allowing for a more traditional Windows experience. But if Windows is to succeed, apps need to be the top priority and as a user of the Surface RT, it’s clear Microsoft does not agree. I’ve been using the Surface RT a lot more recently. I want to like it. I want to have it in my life. I’m a Windows guy and I just wish I had a companion device like the Surface to supplement my desktop. When traveling, I use a MacBook Pro and iPad. They…

Amazon Launches ‘Amazon Coins’ In Its First Move Into Virtual Currency, Targets Apps And Games On Kindle Fire

Amazon Launches ‘Amazon Coins’ In Its First Move Into Virtual Currency, Targets Apps And Games On Kindle Fire
Amazon has just announced a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire owners to use on in-app purchases, app purchases, etc. in the Amazon Appstore. The service will launch in May, at which point Amazon will be giving away tens of millions of dollars worth of Amazon coins to customers. Users then have the choice of paying for apps or in-app purchases with their credit cards or with Amazon coins. Developers who already have their app in the Appstore don’t need to do anything to leverage the Amazon coin system, but if new developers would like to get in on the virtual currency they must have their app in approved by the Appstore by April 25. The idea is to take advantage of what Amazon calls already-high conversion rates from Kindle Fire users on the Amazon platform and give users a new way to spend money. Amazon has been giving developers more options to generate revenue in the App…

Apple’s 128GB iPad Goes On Sale, Just Ahead Of Microsoft’s Surface Pro Launch

Apple’s 128GB iPad Goes On Sale, Just Ahead Of Microsoft’s Surface Pro Launch
Apple has started selling the capacious new128GB iPad, the latest update to its fourth-generation Retina Display-sporting tablet design. The 9.7-inch iPad is pulling away from its 7.9-inch younger sibling, desperately crying out “I’m different!” with a flash storage bump. But more importantly, it’s also narrowing the perceived gap between itself and competitors like Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The Surface Pro, an iPad competitor? Nay, you say. Microsoft’s computer is a computer, running a full-fledged desktop OS capable of running powerful apps like Photoshop and more, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. It, too, comes equipped with up to 128GB of storage, features a number of input and output ports, and has a fancy stylus for handwriting. But the iPad is not, nor has it ever been, in direct competition with incumbent devices running Windows software. In fact, the iPad has made its enterprise progress in sp…