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Team GFX Bandits presents :

If you are looking for some cool looking, beautiful signatures, then you are at the right place..! 
Coz we make the signatures as you prefer and as per as your Requirements in a beautiful professionally looking manner...! 

Our Team :

TEAM GFX Bandits

- Zeuscluts
- DD-Ripper
- Stopa46
- Udi3011q
- SmillerNL
- Lokeshsaini94 
- Mistev
- Lifehacker7
- Robgee789
- PartimusPrime

If you're looking for cool boot animations, check out the brother thread of Signatures Hub™ : 
Boot Animations HUB™

Think u can do Photoshop well..? Want to join our team..? 
Send me a PM with any of your Gfx work, I'll have a look at it just to see ur imagination and how crazy you can be with Photoshop or any other image manipulating programme and u'll become a part of our team..! 

For requesting a sig , please make sure you give as much info about it as much as possible. Just dont post a request that confuses us and in the end it may end up getting ignored once others request after it..:P

You can request AVATARS and Signatures (other thingies are optional though  )

If you just want to look at our team's latest work , before requesting, please view the last 5 pages at the most. 

But please at least press THANKS once u receive your desired Siggy by us, as there is hard work and dedication towards XDA 

#Note : We don't supply .PSD files for signatures and Avatars and also we don't make animated Please be informed and don't ask about it 

Thankyou For Your Cooperation.

For request Of your own Bootaniamtion You Can Request On Xda
For this You Need To Be A member of XDA .
If not then Register and Request.

Refferal: zeuscluts

-------------------_WARNING _ ---------------------

No Request Here In comment will Be accepted--
Please Co-operate.


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